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Panificio Giuntini



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At the Giuntini bakery we are jealous guardians of the panforte recipe, a dessert that enhances candied fruit, the finest dried fruit and spices. Originally from Siena, the first traces of "Pan Pepatus" date back to the year one thousand. The preparation was entrusted to the Guild of Doctors and Apothecaries of Siena and was intended exclusively for the nobles, the rich and the clergy since it contained, in addition to orange, citron and melon peels, almonds and very expensive spices for those times.

A dessert that cannot be missing from the Christmas table, for a sweet and precious gift or to carve out a moment of pleasant warmth, the truth is that you never say no to a piece of panforte, not even on August 15th!


A nice glass of meditation wine, a passito wine, a Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice or some excellent muffati.


almonds*19%, sugar, honey, hazelnuts*9%, CANDIED MELON 8%, CANDIED ORANGE 8%, CANDIED CEDAR 8%, DRIED FIGS 8%, soft wheat flour*type '0', pistachios*4%, OSTIA , TUSCAN SPICES, cinnamon, VANILLIN, salt, pepper. Storage days: 90.


Energy Kj 1416.9 kcal 338.8, fat 19.8 g carbohydrates 34.4 g of which sugars 28.9 g, fiber 7 g, proteins 7.8 g, salt 0.119 g, water 31.9 g

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