I bambini al panificio

Children at the bakery

by Sara D'Oriano

Having children at the bakery is always exciting and beautiful for me. As a historic company, present for many years in the area, I personally experience the opening of the bakery to schools as an important service to the community, which recalls its roots and develops that sense of belonging to a place and a social environment that will shape that child also in his future. And then it's always fun to see them play and interact while the bread that they themselves baked cooks in the oven; or observe their faces while listening to the music of freshly baked bread.

Nicola has hosted schools for various classes for many years, mainly nursery and primary schools. This year, for the first time, we hosted the "grown-ups" of the nursery with their parents.

Bread is the simplest and most "community" food that exists. Through it you learn sharing and it is the first tool for integration between different cultures.

Kneading is making something unique and artisanal with your own hands, it is the pride of succeeding and creating something of your own. Leavening and cooking teach the value of waiting, knowing how to appreciate the passing of time and knowing how to make the most of every moment.

The moment it comes out of the oven and the bread starts to "play" its music teaches attention to the little things and their value.

Each of these little ones leaves the bakery with their hot bag and I find it significant that for one day it is he or she who literally brings the bread home and shares it with their family.

I think it is important to convey (or at least try!) to the new generations the profound meaning of our work and our passion, and it is important that families, helped by teachers, collaborate so that this type of experience in the area can develop and become feasible. For our part, the door will always be wide open to new proposals and new ideas.

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