La Croccantina del Giuntini

Giuntini's Croccantina

by Jonathan Giuntini

They were the transition years between elementary school and middle school and I was caught up in all those problems related to the change of pace. At the bakery something was boiling in the pot or more correctly I should say something was cooking in the oven, to stay on point.
My father was totally immersed in creating something different, something new that didn't come from my grandfather's history and experience at the bakery.
These were the years of the search for elaborate things, for new tastes, for bread that lost its function as accompaniment and to try to be a dish in its own right.

My grandfather had made focaccias, and so had other grandparents before him, but crumbly and crunchy dishes were common in sweet products, products that were usually consumed on Sundays during holidays; from here was born the desire to try to make a crunchy savory flatbread, to be eaten every day.
It took a bit of experimentation to find the right method, to find the right consistency, but in the end we arrived at a long leavening, very fine flat bread with oil and salt on top.

Sometimes improperly called paper music, due to the noise it makes in the mouth, and without taking anything away from our Sardinian friends, we can say that Giuntini's Croccantina is really good.

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