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Classic kibble

Classic kibble

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The kibble is like cherries...the more you have, the more you eat! Appetizing and crunchy, every bite is a journey of pleasure! Born from an intuition of Nicola, it is the result of a slow leavening that allows the dough to be rolled out until it becomes a thin leaf which is then seasoned with salt and oil and cooked in the oven.

Ideal as a tasty snack for adults and children, as a complement to a convivial table but also as a tasty aperitif for any event. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, it can be used to create original recipes that will surely leave their mark!


type '0' soft wheat flour, water, 5% extra virgin olive oil, wholemeal soft wheat flour, salt, IMPROVER (type 0 soft wheat flour, emulsifier E472e, dextrose, alpha amylase, anti-caking agent E263, flour treatment agent E300), STRUTTOLIATE (pork fat, virgin olive oil 15%), YEASTS (saccharomyces cerevisiae, emulsifier E491), MALT*POWDER (malted wheat flour), dextrose.




30 days


Energy Kj 1444.5/kcal 249.7, fat 7g, carbohydrates 43g of which sugars 1.5g, fiber 2g, proteins 6.6g, salt 1.374g, water 43.3g

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